Current Scholars

Program Requirements



Honors Academy Scholars must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 to continue participating in the program and maintain their scholarship. 


To participate in the Honors Academy, students must attend New Student Honors Seminar, a no-cost, no-credit course, during their first year at Missouri S&T.  This seminar provides students an opportunity to meet distinguished teaching professors, introduce them to research possibilities at Missouri S&T,  and see presentations by invited speakers.  In addition, students can participate in social activities such as a formal gala banquet with faculty members and other Honors Academy scholars.

Once you have accepted our offer, the Office of Undergraduate Education will enroll the student in the no-cost, no-credit Honors Seminar.  (Transfer students may join New Student Honors Seminar during the Fall or Spring semester.)

For 2023-2024 the Honors Seminar will be held on the first Tuesday of the month at 6 p.m.  Below are the dates for Spring 2024. 


  • Tuesday, Feb. 6
  • Tuesday, Mar. 5
  • Tuesday, Apr. 2


To maintain eligibility, scholars must successfully complete one 3 credit hour honors course per academic year after their first year.  

For details concerning honor courses, please visit Honors Coursework



Honor Course Contract Form- Due Feb. 9, 2024

Honors Academy Course Contract Completion Form-Due no later than May 3, 2024

All forms must be submitted through the Honors Academy Canvas Course.


The culminating project is the capstone experience of the Honors Academy and, as such, incorporates and expresses the Academy’s commitment to individualized and enriched instruction, independent study, close faculty-student relationships, and the rigorous development of intellectual skills, including the ability to think critically and to communicate with clarity and style. The project brings together honors scholars' preparation and education in a particular discipline or combination of disciplines. Projects are usually in the student’s major field of study but are not limited to the major. However, some scholars may wish to develop interdisciplinary projects or a project that utilizes their co-op experience. Discussions with your project mentor will help to focus the project and gain required approvals.

Scholars will complete at least 3 credit hours of research and present their findings to the campus community.  

Senior Thesis Project Description Form must be approved by the faculty member supervising the work, the Honors Academy director, and be received by the Office of Undergraduate Education by the last day to add courses posted on the Academic Dates and Deadlines Calendar to be considered for approval. For more information on the project, please reference the Senior Thesis Guidelines.

2023-2024 Deadlines

Fall 2023- Friday, Sept. 8, 2023

Spring 2024- Friday, Feb. 2, 2024


Scholars who have completed the following are eligible to graduate as an Honors Academy Fellow.

  • Completed 12 hours of honors credit
  • Completed 3 hours of research for Senior Thesis/Project
  • Presented their Senior Thesis/Project

Graduates should submit the Friday before the last day to Notify the Registrar's Office of intent to graduate listed on the Academic Calendar.

Application to Graduate as a Honors Academy Fellow

2023-2024 Deadlines

Fall 2023 Graduates: Friday, Sept. 15, 2023

Spring 2024: Friday, February 9, 2024



Study Abroad Scholarship

As a firm commitment to enhancing the international competence of Missouri S&T Honors Academy students, the Honors Academy offers a Study Abroad matching scholarship.  Any active Honors Academy student receiving a Missouri S&T Study Abroad scholarship in conjunction with a Missouri S&T affiliated program is eligible to apply.


Honors scholars are encouraged to participate in an experiential learning experience to enhance their educational experience at S&T.  The opportunities include: 

  • Opportunities for Undergraduate Research Experiences (OURE)
  • OURE Fellows Program
  • Service Learning
  • Undergraduate Research Conference @ S&T 

Student Design and Experiential Learning Center

The SDELC, housed in the Kummer Student Design Center, provides teams with advanced computer design labs, a complete manufacturing center, office space, and logistical support assets. Center staff assists with the technical, marketing, communication, and fundraising support that prepares students for successful careers.

All S&T students, regardless of discipline or age, are encouraged to join a design team. Freshman and transfer students can become part of a thriving, innovative community the moment they set foot on campus.


If you have questions about the Honors Academy, please contact Dr. Wes Lewis at, call (573) 341-7226, or stop by 105 Norwood Hall.